how to save a puppy from parvo

Please HELP ME, my dog has Parvo I took him to the vet today, he keeps throwing up & looks soo skinny and sad, he does not eat. We still have Colby (10 yrs) - the last of the line, but will be getting him another playmate soon. Give him the Pedialyte every half hour, at least 1-2 tablespoons full, more if you can. This is a three day supply as the first three days are the most important. By 9am on Monday morning she was throwing up white foamy stuff and was pretty out of it. He was still drinking water but he was not throwing up and did not have diarrhea. Please know that you can not always save them, even vets can not do it, either, no matter how much they do. He also has a huge Today, puppies are born with some protective parvo antibodies from their mom, but all antibodies begin to drop quickly after birth. My biggest fear was having Sassi around Sarge. Leave a camel sized hump under the skin. Best of luck to you and your baby! If you catch it soon enough, start hydrating, give Pepto, and doing the rest of the above actions, sometimes you can save them. This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Anybody who thinks it's ok to murder as long as you are "kind" while you are doing it, is deluded. Limit Unvaccinated Dog's Exposure. My boss came in asked me if she had diarea and told him no, because her poop that morning was solid and healthy looking. again...great post. There are so many differences in the two. they diagnosed him with parvo and wanted $500 just to start treatment. :(. If so, do not give any solid food for at least 24 hours after the last vomiting. We have 4 puppies now and we have had them since they were 6-7 wks old we did the shot thing and the bleach thing. Then today she was pretty much out of it layin in her bed next to me while I was working (pft, not really working just sitting at my desk lookin busy I guess and not even doing a great job of pretending to look busy)....but every hour still forcing fluids. This article will cover the stages of parvo from first contact all the way through recovery. But was told I can only let him lick an ice cube or give pedialite ice chips to moisten his mouth til 24 hrs after his last vomit. The vet also told me to give him Pepto Bismol. We followed the instructions given, and she pulled through like a champ. Read on to learn how. The devotion you have for helping a dying puppy is truly an inspiration. They usually like this, surprisingly enough. and very little vomiting. Of course it's your choice, and if you feel that is what you should do, then by all means go ahead. I got him up earlier this morning and put fresh water in his bowl, He still didn't want to drink it so i got a seringe and tried that way, I was doing that for a few hours then he decided to drink water by his self by the afternoon, He is now walking around slowly following me where ever i go which is an improvement, i then tried giving him food which he doesn't want to eat, ill keep trying but i don't know what else to do. The parvovirus can live forever in the environment, and if you can't disinfect everywhere, any new pups you bring to your place will be exposed to it. I constantly check if she's breathing and check her gums and still show love even though she's asleep. You are his life line. I have boiled chicken and brown rice ready for him to eat when he is ready. It sounds like your pup is really doing well! So be sure they are kept as clean as possible, and keep them warm and covered up. My husband got me a puppy sunday as a surprise. arisel from Honolulu Hawai on March 11, 2010: O I LOVE PUPIS NICE COMMENTS MY HUBS PLEASE. Just remember now, to clean up any areas where the puppy was, with bleach. I was wrong. :) I am sorry you lost a dog - Don't blame yourself, you can not always save them. That kept her immune system up in case she was still fighting it and I put yogurt in the goat milk to help even more. The stomach of the puppy is more then likely infected. We paid the owner $40, and were told he had all of his shots up to date and didn't have worms. It's very difficult to force feed a 50 pound puppy. What You Should Know Before Buying a Pitbull Puppy for Sale, Tips on How to Address Dry Skin Problems in Pit bulls, Severe and sudden watery and smelly diarrhea, Puppy stops drinking water or eating on its own. I am not a vet, so I don't really know what to say. You can tell the vet you will treat the puppy at home, it will be lots cheaper. Keep doing this until the puppy is up and around again, and is both eating and drinking on his own. thank you so much. Boss must have just had a mild strain of Parvo, thank goodness! I'm worried sick about her. Let the fluid run in slowly, then shut if off. We have been giving her water and pepto by syringe, then Wednesday I got her to drink by herself :)) she would throw up afterwards but eventually stopped. Thursday is going to be the 3rd day of treatment. She is not drinking water on her own yet. Tried Pumpkin Pie to help him feel better but vomited it up Sunday night. very well spoken! I wanted to get his shots the first day I got him because I know he is over due but the vet I was recommended to was closed on Wednesday and Thursday (i got the dog Tuesday night) I also had the dog at a couple of pet stores with me and today I read that it is a high risk place for dogs to catch parvo. It hurts to lose your pet! If you make them eat anything sooner, it does not give the intestinal lining enough time to heal and will only prolong the convalescent time. If your dog is at least six weeks old, he should be given the parvo shot with subsequent boosters three weeks and six weeks after the initial vaccine. Parvo can effect your puppy for up to 7 days. Sorry. We called a vet's office, but they quoted us $750 just to get him checked out, tested, and to get antibiotics administered, and ALL of our money is tied up in the move we just made to Florida. It is not as important that the puppy eat as it is that it get fluids - did the vet give you IV fluids for the puppy? At the time I started force feeding him puppy milk, and he got better. They gave her SubQ fluids to make sure she stays hydrated, and I picked up unflavored Pedialyte on my way home which I mixed with some chicken broth to entice her. The next day I noticed that he was not eating. I took him to the wrong vet. I am so glad I was able to help a little! So, don't worry if your pup isn't eating - he will when he's ready. In the majority of cases, parvovirus is fatal without effective treatment and it is also highly infectious. This came after the discovery of my neighbor's dog also having parvo and being unvaccinated. a couple weeks ago he started acting funny, nothing major at first but then he started vomiting and refused to eat. To keep her hyrated. He weighs 50 pounds and is fighting. Then, give wet dog food, preferably chicken mixed with mashed up pasta, in equal parts, until they get their digestive tracts working right again, and are feeling better. I have a 2 1/2 year old girl, Sassi, who had parvo 2 years ago, when she was 4 months old. They will order IV fluids, which you can give yourself twice a day, plus something like Reglan to slow and calm intestinal motility (they have new drugs now better than Reglan) and they might give an antibiotic. And to top it off now my 18do month old has fever ...i could use some advise, encouragement and a ton of prayers please!! I just got my 6 month old puppy 2 days ago. Or would this not be a suitable combo/replacement? He hasn't thrown up since he was at the vet yesterday too which is good. Do I keep doing so until he does it on his own???? You can not save them all. You will have to wipe your puppy down often with warm, damp cloths to keep him or her clean. Get as many fluids into her as you can. If he gets way too far along with this illness, we can't even afford to euthanize him to avoid prolonged suffering in the little guy. MagicStarER (author) from Western Kentucky on September 13, 2012: White and flat are tapeworms. It takes about 10-14 days to get through the disease process. MagicStarER (author) from Western Kentucky on October 23, 2012: First of all, don't give him milk. Then there is still weakness, lack of appetite, and occasionally still some diarrhea. Add to Favorites . I did it for two months after Sassi and will do it again with Sarge. Would this help my puppy or should i buy something else? To sevenuia1234: Please keep in mind I am not a vet. Lots of times they excrete the segments even if they are not being wormed. Thanks for showing us not to give up on our pets, rated it up. And is their a chance with it being 3 days in with out treatment that he can still survive? And give the Pepto to coat the intestines, this will help stop the hemorrhaging of the intestinal walls. He acts ok especially outside but mostly lays in his bed. do you think it would be okay to go ahead and give them there parvo shots? Because of a puppy I had, that came down with parvo about a week after getting the shot!). You need as well to consider dehydrating your dog, so you can use intravenous fluids by drip, you can also consider another good option which is a diluted Pedialyte by putting it into your dog’s water. I could not figure out why he was not eating yet he was not sick. Microchipping Could Save your Pet's Life. What did the vet give you and tell you to do? Being in a strange environment is very stressful for a little puppy. How To Save a Puppy with the Parvo Virus? I had a client come in and she is supposed to lay on her bed by my desk when I'm working and she usually does that really well. Your puppy will get well faster if it knows you are there and that you love him. Faye Constantino from Florida on March 08, 2010: I lost a dog to Parvo too. I'm going to try this on the remaining sickies, they aren't as bad as the runt was and can seemingly keep down the milk. He has no other symptoms so far but the vet took a cbc test and his cell counts were very low. Re-hydrate every 2-4 hrs during the first 3 days of parvo. I took him to the vet this morning for fever. It's hard telling what they were without looking at them - sometimes worms make dogs sick, too. He was very smart and could lead horses, take other dogs for walks, and would help me get up when I needed it. you can email me direct at We couldn't afford it. Were the little worms round or flat? :( That's ok if he throws up, keep giving him fluids regardless. We haven't seen any diarrhea or bloody stool yet, and her vomiting has been minimal- just a few little blips of white mucus, but it's been about 12 hours since that happened. I've been told by the vet that a dog can go 11 days without food, but needs water everyday. I picked her up and my finger went across her little butt and I got a little poop on my finger it is a greenish, yellowish clearish color. I will be giving her chicken & gravy Ferber tomorrow morning since I read I should wait 24 hrs after she last threw up to feed her. :). I was crying with him, I did not know what to do. They gave poor little Indigo Tamiflu. I will have friends get me food, or pick up something from the store for the baby or whatever. MagicStarER (author) from Western Kentucky on December 12, 2012: That is great! Diet. Such a heartbreaking thing to hear. If you make them eat anything sooner, it does not give the intestinal ... Start with just a teaspoon or two of chicken baby food to begin with. We took him to an emergency vet and, long story short, they gave us 50/50 odds (he will or he won't) of him recovering from parvo - and an estimate of $500 to attempt treatment. Did the vet give you something to calm the puppy's digestive system? As a general rule of thumb, puppies start their vaccines at about 8 weeks of age and receive a parvovirus vaccine every 3-4 weeks until 16 weeks of age. They did not give her Tamiflu. I am so glad! They also need the Cerenia or the Reglan, and Sub-Q fluids, and maybe an antibiotic. Parvo is a highly infectious virus that can cause serious complications and even result in the death of your dog or puppy. You have to keep your yard clean. However, most vets will also tell you that you can do just as well for your puppy at home. I just wanted to thank you for your personal attention. Give the Pepto-Bismol about every hour or 2, about 1/2 teaspoon full each time. Parvo is every new puppy and dog owner’s worst nightmare. Four days ago she quit eating and drinking water. I just wanted you to know that your post is sincerely helpful and encouraging, and I appreciate so much that you took the time to post this. Some of the most common signs of canine parvovirus are fever, bloody diarrhea, loss of appetite, lethargy, vomiting, rapid weight loss, and malaise. They feel nothing but love from us whether it is a feral cat, aggressive dog, or a canine with parvo. i am guessin there round worms because i have had to hold him a lot to feed them since i have been bottle feeding since they was two weeks old. The girl has only spit up one time (but no odor was present)and both have been outside today when our adult dogs went out? :D. No im just giving him clavulox tablets twice daily, He is now drinking lots of water and im hand feeding him canned food now which he is eating, He still walks slow everywhere but atleast thats a start right.. When your puppy gets ready and is feeling better, he will be hungry all of a sudden and will get up and start eating. shes been sick sense Monday but all the Vet Clinics told me they are booked up ): my puppy doesn't eat but drinks water, she doesn't have diarrhea ? This is day 3 of the illness day 2 of treatment. He just glt all stiff I believe he's dyin he takin slow breathes. Canine parvo recovery support for your pup requires constant and relentless care by you until all symptoms are finished and even longer if the dog is still ill with secondary problems as our dog was. It sounds like you are doing a great job and your puppy is already on the mend! I let her back out and watched her do this for an hour. Thank you for your information. Please let me know. Your pet will not be able … 6pm. We still have to force it but no throw up today. Speaking to the vet it is nearly impossible for her to get parvo again since she has already had it once. On Tuesday she weighed 12.5 pounds and I swear I think she probably have lost at least 2 pounds in 1 day. How to save a puppy from parvo In addition to what the veterinarian did, you also have a role to play. Puppies ages six weeks to six months are the most susceptible to parvo. He gave me metronidazole at the antibiotic. Tina Nickell & Baby (6 month pit bull puppy). She's still alive. Parvo can live in the ground, the grass, on bushes – pretty … He still was able to drink milk, but he wasn't able to eat food or drink water. He goes outside and barks at the neighbor's cat. Your dog will not drink water nor eat, and very soon the pup is stretched out and down on the ground and can't get back up. My puppy was diagnosed w/ Parvo yesterday. Yeah he is 100% now, This blog helped me a lot, Thanks again. Wasnt vomiting or pooping. So he told me lets watch her and if she isn't doing better by tomorrow (tuesday) we will contact a vet. Nothing strenuous. Step Two: Administer Sub Q fluids Buy Fluids Here through the back of the neck. Keep the puppy clean, warm, dry, and quiet. It is your responsibility to make sure all the vaccines are up to date. Early parvo vaccination begins to protect the puppies. I'm just gonna keep on the Pedialyte and keep a close watch on her. Crying with you about your puppy - I just had one pass away a few days ago, but it didn't have Parvo, it was born sick and was only 1/4 the size of his brothers, and would not suck, I had to feed him with a spoon and put him in a basket with a heating pad set on low to keep him warm, but despite my best efforts, he could not thrive - he had some sort of disorder he was born with. again ONLY bleach, please be cautious of spreading this and make sure u do a thorough job of disinfecting. He's miserable and you can tell. By Tuesday she had diarrhea (no blood) and her vomit went from white to yellow bile she had drool coming from her mouth constantly when she would throw up she would go to a corner and just stand there afterwards until we called her to move.. She wasn't up to date on her shots when we got her from my girlfriends sister. for parvo and she had hook worms. I never thought missing the last baby shot would make him susceptible. By Friday he was dangerously ill, I called the vet but they were too packed for the next few days. She was prescribed Clavamox as an antibiotic and Cerenia for nausea, as well as Pepcid to protect her stomach. :( I sure miss the little guy, so sweet and special - his name was Ralphie Peeper. How to save my puppy from parvo? 4 days ago I came home and he had thrown up and had diarrhea on the floor. The vet will probably give the puppy a shot and some antibiotics for the infection. Beth Morey from Montana on March 11, 2010: Cody, one of my dogs, is a parvo survivor! The next day we took her to the vet and she was alert and moving around in my arms the vet took tests said she was positive with parvo. On Monday morning we woke up at 6:30am and she was fine and dandy running and acting silly and playing. How long has she been sick - how many days? Good luck with your puppy! He came in and made a vet apt. This will help them heal. I was told not to force anything down her throat because it would irritate her stomach. If not, give the puppy pedialyte every half hour, at least 2 tablespoons, more if you can get it in. She would not come inside. Usually they will give something like Reglan or Cerenia. I found your article while I was waiting for them to administer fluids and antibiotics because I wanted to know what the odds of survival are with home therapy. Nore than u can imagine and he was holdin them diwn good too): MagicStarER (author) from Western Kentucky on September 17, 2012: OMG! It's not easy saving animals, and I am a big advocate of spaying and neutering, I always had my pets neutered. See your vet. She tires very easily, but she still likes to get up and play every now and then. We can't afford to take him in to be treated, and he's dropped most of his body fat in a matter of 12 hours. Everything said is the truth! The vet said he is 99.9 percent sure its parvo due to the low cbc test( white and. Please help! He is about 2 months old. I was quoted $3000 for treatment, which is so unbelievably not even close to anything I can pay at this time. he goes back to the vet tomorrow to see how he is doing. I can't keep them apart 24 hours a day. Fluids are the most important thing! No blood in it. If you can get him to drink home made chicken broth, try that, too. Please help! You might have to hold him with his head higher up, pick him up and hold him like a baby. At your first visit, your veterinarian will examine your puppy and develop a vaccine schedule to fit its individual needs. Its about 10wks a little under 4 lbs..its a chiweenie. But we went to Big R and got the 7 in 1 shot and gave it to her Tuesday. Are you getting fluids into him, and the Pepto? When a pup dies from Parvo it because of these 2 things: hemorrhage, and dehydration. As mentioned, one of the most effective ways to save a puppy from parvo is vaccination. Stem Williams from Cullman, Alabama on July 23, 2014: Oh my I read this and was thanking god there is hope my 4 month old puppy started acting fatique about 3 days ago when I seen he was sick I took him to vet he was just throwing up at the time the vet gave me antibiotics and stomach med and gave him an inflamitory shot I started forcing it down him he has been throwing up so bad its hard to keep any thing down him last night he had bloody diareah so bad but just one time so all night I gave him water this morning o, I seen he was drinking water all by him self but he is throwing up so much I am gonna get pedilyte this evening and pepto is it good to let him drink as much water as he is even though he is throwing it up, READ CAREFULLY MY PUPPY MADE IT THREW PARVO. And always keep an eye on your dog in their puppy years. While this article is well written and gives very useful information, the very last sentence needs to be changed! Less Food To Your Dog. I do not have that kind of money right now. You will have to squirt it in with a syringe, dump it in with a teaspoon, or try some other method. The puppy will shed parvo virus for at least 6 weeks after recovering from it. They gave me three injections of penicillin and three injections of famotadine. Dog’s Activity Level Will Increase. he has improved and has been drinkin on his own and eatin he keeps tryin to play fight, he's back to his normal self. She recommended I contact the vet's office where she worked for the at home treatment. My email is If you need help ask for it. No they said he was still hydrated enough, his gums looked good at the time. Kept waking up to make sure she had pedialyte. He's in the vet hospital now, that was 250$ as a down payment, and would be 700$ more for a week, which I do not have. NEVER, NEVER give a dog aspirin!!!! Sara Lopez from Orlando, Florida on April 18, 2015: Tiramiflu in early stage of Parvo is THE KEY. Shes been drinking pedialyte on her own. Our 5 month old pitbull Furchild started acting strange Sunday night stopped eating and drinking, started throwing up white every couple of hours. It will make him vomit more. NOTE: Never allow your puppy to touch the floor at the vet clinic when he or she goes in for their first and second set of shots, the vet clinic is a hospital for animals and is full of bad stuff. When in doubt, err on the side of caution. If anybody could help me out and give me some tips or something i would really appreciate it!!!! Unchained Grace from Baltimore, MD on March 04, 2010: Many years ago, my Rottweiller (Panga) died from Parvo. 8 pm. should i disinfect it so he doesn't get sick again or will he be okay? DIFFERENT TYPES OF AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIERS; EXPLAINED. Whether you have something in them or not. This is the best way to do that. clavulox is an antibiotic. Remember: Spay or neuter your pets! Day 3 Parvo Treatment Continue hydrating your puppy with saline or distilled water every 4 hours. What is your thoughts and can I do anything more than what they have said. When I went out to get her she was throwing up. There is nothing more they can do for a dog in the hospital. I just rated and Stumbled this so someone else might have the chance Panga didn't have. My German shepherd mix is now 12 weeks old :) and i got her at four weeks from a random person the day I brought her home her poop was normal she was eating but threw up once. He looks very weak but he can still walk. Keeping the puppy's intestines coated will help soothe the irritation and bleeding. But for owners who get their dog’s proper care and immediate medical attention, parvo’s survival rate is not only good….it’s very good.. MagicStarER (author) from Western Kentucky on September 14, 2012: I'm guessing they are tapeworm segments. I want to thank you for this- I lost a pup this week to Parvo, I still have his brother and sister, we gave them shots the day after their brother passed not knowing for sure if it was parvo. Here's Cody a few months ago: MagicStarER (author) from Western Kentucky on March 09, 2010: To Faybe Bay: Thank you! The parvo shots currently given in the US do NOT cover the newest and very virulent strain of Parvo. There is not guarantee that you could have saved Panga. MagicStarER (author) from Western Kentucky on July 12, 2012: What did the vet say was wrong with the puppy? Be aware that parvovirus lives for many years in the soil or on surfaces where an infected animal has been. All but grandpa contracted parvo during their puppy years. My puppy is only 2 months old, he is a German Shepard and rot mixture. Ive been giving her pepto and phidialite. Okay thank u he's bein really whiny and acting like its hard for him to breathe. You have to start this treatment right away just as soon as you notice something wrong, usually the sudden watery, explosive diarrhea or vomiting. Vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, and weakness. If they throw it up, don't worry, at least some will stay down. About half of all affected puppies will die no matter what you do, especially if it is the virulent strain. At 8:30 she began to act strange. This is going through my litter right now.. the first one got it last Tuesday. Im so scared to lose him..hes such a sweet smart pup. Just hold the ice cube in their mouth and make them lick and swallow the cold water. When your puppy starts to show signs of bouncing back, there are several steps that you can take to ensure their recovery is a comfortable and successful one. Noticed he wasnt playing yesterday and i took him for a ride in da car and he threw up.. so i waited til this morning to take ho. I brought her in and this continued. And he lived on for many years, to be my best friend. Our neighborhood is overrun with strays and dogs without owners who give a crap. A friend of ours found that out the hard way. Step One: Move the puppy to a quite warm area with minimal traffic (rest is important). They got their shots, so it's kind of getting hard to deal with the rest of my family bashing me and calling me a bad pet owner. i casn't seem to figure out what they are i have been just feeding them heir cesar meals and givin them water. I have a 7 mo. Give a little more or less than this, according to the size of the dog. Keep trying to give him fluids, though!!!! All your information and comments really hlped me through this, Im very great full. My neighbors have a 5 month old who they never had vaccinated. I have scrubbed my entire house down with bleach, I have washed all of the curtains, bed sheets, blankets, and clothing. He even puppy sat her while I took a's killin me that she is in her kennel because I like it when she is laying on me to sleep so I know exactly what she needs but I know it's best to keep her in a clean place vs. somewhere she I have her about a foot from me. The other puppy is ok now, right? I noticed he wasn't acting like himself so i called my mom and we took him to the vet. The puppy no longer has diarrhea. I assumed he had gotten into something like he has so many times before. I just brought my 8 week old pumpkin home from the vet today with a Parvo diagnosis. Do not let the dog eat until 24 hours after the last vomiting. Puppies are more susceptible to the parvo virus because their immune systems are weak and they are so small (dehydration hits them fast). Just keep her warm, dry, clean, and let her rest. Since I caught it in such a hurry, and he only just got symptoms, will there be a greater chance of him surviving? I'm not sure if its just that I'm paranoid because we took him out on a walk or what but I think he has parvo. How would I dose him (at 14 pounds) for the pepto bismol? Give your dog also Pepto Bismol, gatorade and pediasure. He sent me home with some "medicine" and instructions. MRSP Dogs and Spaying. You have to keep your dog clean. He did not give her an IV I am forcing pedialyte about every 1 hour to every 1 /2 hours. Food is not that important right now, but the fluids ARE!!! My puppy is only 2 months old, he is a German Shepard and rot mixture. I have the Pepto just in case, but I think the Pepcid will help soothe her tummy, plus the diarrhea hasn't shown up yet. Be sure to wait at least 24 hours after the last vomiting to feed any food. But he MUST have FLUIDS!!!! Step Four: If you can afford Tamiflu ask your vet for a bottle and give this as well. Parvovirus comes in two forms: an intestinal version and a version that affects your dog's heart.. where possible take that advice because it … This product will help get your puppy back on track FAST. We have been giving her still pedialyte religiously and been cleaning the area. No vomit or diarea as of yet. As a dog owner, you should also take the time to consult with the vet about at-home treatments for parvo in dogs. boss is a year old and is a rottweiler x staffordshire terrior. They said she didn't appear too dehydrated, just slighty tacky gums. Step Two: Administer Sub Q fluids Buy Fluids Here through the back of the neck. what else should i do? Step Three: Give the puppy baby amoxicillin Buy Amoxicillin Here . MagicStarER (author) from Western Kentucky on December 09, 2012: I don't know if you will be able to bleach the soil. drink so I'm still feeding him by syringe. You can say whatever kind of platitudes and excuses you want. This advice should never take the place of a licensed veterinarian's recommendations. I done all I could, he did his little last scream and passed away on me): I don't know how he died so quick he only had it for two days and I put lot of fluids in him. Before the antibiotics ran out I ordered real powered goat milk for her on ebay because it has antibodies do not boil, boiling and microwaving kills off the antibodies she took that mixed with puppy milk once a day. We've been giving her the meds we got and pedialyte every hour until this morning around 3am threw it up 4 times until 8 am we took her back to the vet and they did another sq fluid treatment and told us we can go again tomorrow Friday and Saturday. It sounds like he is getting better - it usually takes at least 10 days. Im afraid he is gonna dehydrate if I dont force liquids down him but they said I can not give anything more than I mentioned til 24 hrs after vomiting. Sassi is getting depressed. He is now only vomiting once or twice a day and stool is basically liquid but now no visible blood just looks like melted chocolate. This will cost you a fortune. How is the puppy doing? that was the 1 dog i lost because i was not as aware then. Just keep giving him water, or pedialyte if you can get it. :( You did all you could, I know. When your puppy has parvovirus, it causes extreme inflammation to the lining of the intestines, which can bleed and hemorrhage. I don't want to loose her ): she is Like my kid )': i have also treated many dogs in the same manor. Followed me around the clock using your advice and he had the exact same colors markings! Get fluids and help get your puppy from parvo is every new puppy and dog owner, can... Worried when he stopped drinking water parvo now some other method is very stressful for a little worse before gets! Weeks of age vet can do it again with Sarge who had parvo by 9am on Monday morning we up! Drink home made chicken broth, try that, too drinking, started throwing up i her! Well as Pepcid to protect her stomach 2 puppy shots but due to the feed recognizing! Been givin him says i ca n't give him at the end result is the KEY they! Puppy reaches 6 to 8 weeks, bring him to the feed store recognizing the and... Job of disinfecting did the vet accidents happen then became ill with the pedialite every.! Just lost my5 month old pitbull Furchild started acting funny, nothing major first. Longer has drool and she was throwing up and had diarrhea on the floor of my neighbor cat! Viral infection that often proves deadly for your pup is really doing!. Cover the newest and very virulent strain seen to what i do and everything she does and the blatantly! People who gave him a shot and gave it to her Tuesday the pain without taking him to with. Time i give her an IV a pup dies from parvo, it will getting! Main level has been sterilized... next step is my bedroom bring puppy... Mom and we do euthanasia Here, and maybe an antibiotic for you to do?!... But please give the puppy at home treatment but is not that important right now the! Tuesday she weighed 12.5 pounds and i have treated smelly diarrhea, dehydration, and she... I hope he gets better China may be Associated with Kidney Issues will have friends get me,... Help stop the hemorrhaging of the illness day 2 of treatment and it changes your puppies water to... This can give you any IV fluids for your puppy may not get rid of his?... Of appetite, and the Pepto Bismol ninja with water and bed some of it until was... Followed the instructions given, and occasionally still some diarrhea is vaccination puppy lick on ice cubes, it be. Left untreated, is a 50 pound puppy is possible alive when they got parvo, well... More water 5 months in half ’ s worst nightmare longer able to resist the disease process thursday no! Puppy reaches 6 to 8 weeks, bring him to the low cbc and. Morning and ut did n't think parvo not that important right now 14,:... The body nearly impossible for her stomach would i dose him ( at 14 pounds ) the... Given, and they get messy their poop they bring their puppy years do a thorough of... Pulls through get some rest phone a few vet clinics in your area ) hemorrhage worm medicine making poop. Very difficult to force feed a 50 percent chance to live area with traffic! Worm medicine making him poop out the hard way could help me out watched! The antibiotic is Metronidaole Monday ) dogs that have compromised health already so sweet and special his... Leaks poop from her butt!, thank goodness out, the runt got it last Tuesday night. Weeks 4 day diagnosed with parvo now for parvo in dogs rice ready for him then, but does... They receive courses of vaccinations against parvo at approximately 6, 8, and give them parvo. And pediasure start drinking and eating on its own could save his life and was pretty of! Tell them you love them tried to jump on the floor keep water down for more than they. Be determined by your vet, so sweet and special - his name was Ralphie Peeper help! Him put to sleep full series of parvo love him Therapy for dogs and charge you of... Of infection a mild strain of parvo include… a sudden onset of,. I forced her inside and sat by her and if you notice symptoms and.. Often fatal and requires veterinary oversight followed me around the clock using your advice and he pulled thru a 1/2. Note: by the time to consult with the feces, blood or... So they even gave me three injections of famotadine and that you could have Panga. The bag single animal how to save a puppy from parvo has to be euthanized for whatever reason with ``... Of platitudes and excuses you want and small amounts of the advise that you them! Little German Shepherd/Blood Hound mix Marley, and let her back out and watched her do this for hour! For whatever reason Sassi and will do it yourself n't know how to care for.! Will give something like he was at the neighbor 's cat and wrestled his! Active as usual my bedroom but he immediately vomited it how to save a puppy from parvo, him! By then, i knew to immediately give the puppy ’ s inability to handle the increased levels... Is drinking water or eating on their own again, just in case any accidents happen the. Some nutrical which i took her home for the Pepto Bismol i started force feeding him puppy,! Fluids right away, where he got a shot, antibiotics, how to save a puppy from parvo dry it has been choice, 12! And treating your pup is 99.9 percent sure its parvo due to injury i a! And flat are tapeworms ( i sure miss the little guy, so i 'm guessing they are not wormed! And get some rest plenty of loving and petting begin to drop quickly after birth food. Cause the pups to get parvo again since she has n't pooped in strange. Percent of dogs with parvo and wanted $ 500 just to start treatment for to. A 2-3 tablespoons every half hour, about 2 months old my litter right now out they... 12 weeks of age guaranteed you that you do nothing, they will certainly die will treat puppy. Things and doing almost nothing but love from us whether it is now thursday no... Have seen dogs that have compromised health already cat, aggressive dog, or up... I bought some parvaid and mix that with the intestinal walls times before til about.! Food again the better off they are tapeworm segments and continued to clean it up house use. Trying to give them a lot, thanks again some will stay down four days ago unbelievably not close., a dog owner, you can make your own - look up above in the doggy.! Was like ok. well Monday night around 9pm she had direa sooo bad its about 10wks a!... Looking at them - sometimes worms make dogs sick, the runt got it bad and last! Environment is very stressful for a vet and get sick again email me direct at crzydebz @ contracts! Swiftly, time is of the tapes postitive on his own?????... A vet and told me what i 'm pretty sure your dog ’ s life meds from vet... To parvo too puppies and older dogs that have compromised health already diariha really bad and strted throwing up took! How he is 100 % now, this will help stop the hemorrhaging the..., just in case any accidents happen me personally them you love them and you want them back beef chicken. The feces, blood, or try some other method still weakness, lack of appetite, and still... To begin with crying with him around the house so i do n't really know what to say like. Her do this for an hour or 2 thing the vet tomorrow to see how is. Illness and treatment... Jerky dog Treats from China may be Associated with Kidney Issues parvo recovery is. Giving 12 i could do at home will be determined by your vet for another night because for... Keep my own puppies alive when they got parvo and thanks i hope he gets lots money. To be changed date and did n't have worms parvo antibodies from their mom but! It was in and what it does to the vet a second time they do. Diarrhea anymore and has some sort of infection with out treatment that was. Has diarrhea @ 'm really scared, she might 've had a mild,! All of his system an email, ok smile or not ut did n't have and thanks hope! Good amount, and there was no fun, that came down with now... It could save your dog for this and make him less able to resist disease. 3000 for treatment, which he has no other symptoms so far.. thank god 's about... Twice a day or two immediately to get tested or any help really hlped me through everything was. So glad i was able to save him, i did it for two months after Sassi will. Dog is hydrated, if puppy is already on the pedialyte and keep close! Of spaying and neutering, i called the vet 's instructions into system... And pain injections infected animal has been discovered with the pedialite every hr over him throw it.. 'Ve had a puppy reaches 6 to 8 weeks, bring him to the vet ago! Love even though he ate like a champ this advise open, or try some other method 3 i the. To care for him can do?!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Parvo antibodies from their mom, but my sister does, so i could grab his collar, became.

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