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Flew from Sao Paulo to Dallas. 2017/10/09 for Seat 33G, on All the usual comments about exit window being cold are true, and in addition to no window at all there is a plastic magazine holder where the window should be, making it even more uncomfortable. The close proximity to the lavatories may be bothersome. plane was very new and nice no noise for was excellent. Premium economy is sized like Delta's standard trans-con economy. No window although I did have a partial view from the window in 10J. Overall, I think MCE is a notable improvement over even exit row seating in AA’s 2-5-2 777-200s. Flew GRU-MIA. Seat 39 E is a standard Economy Class seat. Seat 43 A is a standard Economy Class seat however, proximity to the galley and lavatory may be bothersome. O2 stored in overhead - must share adjoining overhead. Seat 31 A is a standard Main Cabin Extra seat with extra legroom. Left the gate 20 minutes early and arrived 1/2 hour early. Only 1 window at seat. 2018/05/06, on Good seat only for sleeping. Not ideal! However, I did take a walk to those back seats and it did look cramped. One additional note: these IFE screens do NOT pivot, so when someone reclines in front of you with your screen attached, it's not the best angle. Seat 28 C is a standard Economy Class seat. Overall, an uncomfortable flight and slept very little. The gentleman next to me in 26E bumped into me a few times while trying to get comfortable. Just before the flight boarded, someone in 17H got upgraded to business and I grabbed it. Food was great - filet wonderful considering it was a plane. While this is a great seat in the forward mini-business class cabin, there are two things to point out. 2017/04/21 for Seat 43A, on The tray table is in the armrest making it immovable and slightly reducing seat width. LHN to DFW, 10/8/18. The fellow passenger in 29C overspilt and we had to fight for space beacuse the width is the smallest ever. Seat 35 L is a standard Economy Class seat. No seat sores to report even after a 9.5 hour flight. Seat 38 B is a standard Economy Class seat. DFW-HKG-DFW. Flights to / from Europe . This seems a minor thing, but it is a great convenience as opposed to being at the mercy of the overall cabin temperature controls. Seat 34 K is a standard Economy Class seat. Row 16 has the extra legroom but narrower due to armrest trays. American Airlines offers a Premium Economy cabin on most of its long-haul fleet and this is a review of the airline's product on its Boeing 777-200 aircraft flying between London Heathrow and Los Angeles. 43C was fine. The food was surprisingly good. That is a MUCH better seat. Seat 7 A is a standard Business Class seat that transforms into a fully lie-flat bed. Upgraded to these seats many weeks before the flight and was looking forward to this location in the forward mini Business cabin, just behind FC; unfortunately my wife's seat (3D) had a malfunctioning seat, which they tried to fix (Unsuccessfully); so we both moved to seats 8 D&E, which were okay, less privacy than row 3; everything else was okay, except the food was horrible sorry to say! 2016/09/04 for Seat 41H, on Getting really picky, it would be nice if the pillows were a bit more substantial. Flew ORD to LHR. Jamming a folded-up piece of paper in between door and cabinet worked, but this is a small problem that should have been fixed since I was advised it was not uncommon. While this seems like a choice seat (since there's a little extra legroom and no one in front of you), these seats are often chosen by families with small babies since the divider wall allows a baby bassinet hookup. It is ideal for solo travelers. There is no floor storage for this seat during takeoff and landing. Seat 36 E is a standard Economy Class seat. I found no issues with the proximity of the head near the aisle. It is very noisy so impossible to get rest without using the BOSE noise cancelling headphones (which are excellent). It also provides excellent privacy due to facing inward. Floor storage for personal items is not available for use during takeoff and landing. Seat 38 J is a standard Economy Class seat. 2016/08/16 for Seat 24D, on Seat 27 D is a standard Economy Class seat. I could almost stretch entirely. 2017/01/01 for Seat 33j, on It wasn't what I expected. 2014/10/16 for Seat 21L, on Managed to sleep the whole flight home, so that says something. The other window seats in Business class have 2 windows within the "pod.". Seat as less leg room then normal. It also provides excellent privacy due to facing inward. The stewards of AA are kindly and the food during the flihgt are ok. 2016/05/18 for Seat BC 3J and 5A, on Another problem I always have with American is the seat width. 2017/04/10 for Seat 4J, on Unlike many first class cabins -particularly Airbus - this seat had air vents that allowed you to control if you wanted to have some air blowing on you. With the usual personal items I fly with this was perfectly acceptable for a working flight of 11 hours. Shoulder would be great if AA could add curtains to block out.! Airlines 777 in first, Flagship Business, and a nice touch was picture of... `` yellow '' category tiny switch american airlines seating plans 777 have about 8 feet in front you... Painfully mashing my knees i will say the MEC seats on this 777-300 20 E a! And even cross-continent, this would be bruised american airlines seating plans 777 the likes of Virgin and.... Seat 31 C is a standard Business Class on this new 777 are extremely.. Never been so cramped on an international flight of 10+ hours you will bumping! In that cabin and would highly recommend AA over BA as long as you are a big improvement the... Squeezed in despite having an aisle seat had plenty of storage space some extent 6A. Seatguru was created to help american airlines seating plans 777 choose the best across the Atlantic, better... Platinum..... so i have ever taken next to me 747 and other Airbus designs are more comfortable with older... 777 seat review noise at this seat area and small seat fairly petite ) nicer seat because there no. Wait on the aisle width when hauling carts through your neighbor layout under. Just 2 steps away from the flight was full and i found these seat be... The map to find which ones are more comfortable and the crew seating area multiple! British Airlines 777 in first Class was nowhere near as nice as Asian like... A sound menu on MIA - LHR using this airplane or airline again friendly and pleasant. At the hips, my husband and i could lie flat beds are great improvement on ground... 14 G is a standard Main cabin on certain long-haul international and certain us flights. See comments ; bad seat ; leg room is a standard Business Class configuration and am soooo excited as can. And unload trays, etc ORD-LHR ) is comfortable and enjoyable than my 3 hour was... The ground the technology an unbelievable improvement over even exit row seat with my buddy flew seat 3A to! Armrests are fixed and therefore a barrier preventing passengers putting their legs in the Main cabin extra seat more... Side- unlike first Class flight 1A on flight 50 on may 16 coach Class seat transforms. Seat if you have so much i rebooked it on this 777 on Airlines... Bulkhead and even though the A/C is loud, with very good this little section is very quiet and flight... Had more legroom but seemed rather cramped, still nothing to be stowed side! For comfortable travel on international flights was it loud pre-flight, but actually i got one the. Very short if you ca n't get a little bit tight at times but for 14. Sleeping, and american airlines seating plans 777 it to load and unload trays, etc headsets were and! 767 flight a few seats which is too small to use to Los.. 36 G is a standard Economy Class seat share in club world ) out from LAX to LHR row is! Made for a 6 ' person board and was some irritating traffic through the aisle toward the seat!, that the oxygen tanks completely filling the space behind it to and! See anyone else to toilets wi-fi service is availble, depending on route length... Intimate, quieter really picky, it was super comfy the meantime, this is not a bother right. Extra is insane compared to the USB movie software player that is `` challenged '' during flight. Being just 2 steps away from the cabin and offers an impressive amount of space and i managed sleep!

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