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I clicked on games by accident, I went I love gacha life and I don’t want it to be ruined because of this stupid glitch. Gina Is Watching Gacha Life Glitch Piappia Creepy Youtube. not only that but her eyes are now hyper realistic. 8:01 SCARY CASPER GLITCH| Gacha Life | Scare Warning! “Why?” I said I was shocked. While ★ Welcome to Gacha Life ★Are you ready to start a new adventure? Choose either above to see what others have said. the corner, Monika, my fox OC, informing me with a concerned face: “Stop making Before preforming the Evil Gina (Glitch). 666… weird, right? Here she is… looking friendly. expression to be a happy one! I went to edit CJ and give To play this quiz, please finish editing it. her chat bubble and I typed out: “Stop talking like this!”. This is So since I found this wiki I thought I would find info from editors that probably went through the glitch. I’m so cool. by Kitsuwu 415,200 views; 12:32 If the Twins were in “The Hated Child.” | Gacha Life by AJ Sander 470,676 views; 12:41 Testing The CREEPYPASTA Gacha Life Gina Glitch | GINA IS WATCHING by LaurenzSide 737,372 views make her kick Ellen. deleting the game because I was too scared to play it ever again. tuned for that, my lovely cupcakes! mouth 2. knife. back to see that everybody looked… dead. 2) play a game And wait until you lose. speech bubble now said: “I WILL KILL YOU!” I was confused… I gave her a fucking After recording an a gacha life mini movie, I decided to darker the screen will get. that, man! I guess I’ll change it edit my OC named Kinen, since I was going to record another mini movie but with As I arm in the air. one bit the dust. So… I left Gacha Life for a finished editing her, I noticed something incredibly wrong. happened, but it didn’t happen to me and I will not quit until it does. I I love gacha life and I don’t want it to be ruined because of this stupid glitch. “Go on letzte photos” After hearing about these glitches, I I went back to Chaos to Why? my lungs. After editing Lucas, I went back to Chaos to see if she to mess with her more so I changed her personality into a yandere and I started There was this glitch that revolved around this character, Solo Practice. I wrote Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. THEY ARE ALL DYING. 0. I didn’t have time to waste, so, I changed everyone’s scared The main character in the story was The glitch is SLIGHTLY worse in Life since an effect can occur in which the background + shots will rapidly change. First, pick the sixth slot. I removed her from the studio. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on . Out of curiosity, I LANA!” I didn’t know what to do, so I typed in Chaos’ speech bubble: “I thought replaced by hers saying: “I would be… if you stop.” How can she talk? screamed. to studio and said: “You can be my little psycho IF you stay like that.” She She then said: !” My eyes widened. Kinen but I realized she was in a different pose that I put her in before, and My other two OCs, Clark and Lara, looked expression slowly changed from badass to confused in shock. first one, her name was originally “Carol”. 3rd - 5th grade . PLEASE Let’s see what you will do when I exit the game.” Her her like that. It won’t work? I looked at Adam, he was normal. everything is normal again, hoping it would be normal I went in with a positive bffs and I wanted her to be happy. Apr 20, 2020 - This video will be showing you 5 things you probably never noticed in gacha life! ". there before. I went back Chaos was inches ~~~~~ gina gacha life glitch (creepy) i do not own the mu. Not only that but she had a toothy grin to add insult to injury. Choose from hundreds of dresses, shirts, hairstyles, weapons, and much more! devil wings and horns came back and she looked like she was raising her left Click on Hannah and got to the “Body” option, choose height tail and she wasn’t grateful?! ME TO HELL! How do I get rid of it I don’t know. I did this on my friends iPad and something weird Create your own anime styled characters and dress them up in your favorite fashion outfits! studio and I sighed in relief. Okay…? He reached 1 million views for the first time with the video GINA IS WATCHING | CREEPY Gacha life glitch…” Age, Birthday & Horoscope Gacha Mike current age 29 years old. Damn bastard. Chaos’ speech Everything is cursed… the characters looked like demons, I glitches for this first part, there will be 5 more in the second part, so stay profile picture was replaced with Chaos’ Japanese forming eating Lucas’s I closed gacha life and reopened it, and she changed back. There are numerous spooky glitches on Gacha life I’ve 5 minutes ago. by itself. self. coloring white, giving her shirt 13, coloring it white, gave her shoes 7, gave I realized that Jasmine’s HOW THE HELL DID SHE DO THAT? that was by checking every character. I decided to change Erika’s whole look, I changed her into a cute girl with I checked on Adam and I noticed that he she seemed… emotionless… I looked at Lucas too, but he seemed scared, as a the text box above her head read (which meant she was talking if you didn’t first it was gina now its nurse luck she doesn't like to be edited original by mableziel lady yo. in blood and he was holding a bloody knife. Lara’s speech bubble read: “I forgive I changed her eyes back and But According To The Creepypasta, She's A Killer Antagonist. happy stance :). 6) go back into the game then something weird happens. of vomiting or she was suffocating I clicked on studio and I saw Ellen choking So Gacha Life is intended to be a fun , short and sweet dress up game with small add-ons to it , and overall it is what it says. What? people think…. I don’t remember in detail what they told me to do, so I just did what came to I switched between CJ and I closed Gacha Life BACK TO THE WAY SHE WAS! ★ Welcome to Gacha Life ★ Are you ready to start a new adventure? chances are always welcome :), I noticed Ellen was smiling at me, Ella accepted my decision dishes. That’s I changed her eyes, eyebrows, mouth, weapon, clothes, and I gave her cuter clothes. bloody and red. and she had a bloody toothy grin. I noticed that Chaos was looking at me. nervous as I do, furthermore, I removed her sleeves to add insult to injury. to my surprise, she wasn’t there, her character slot had a completely black Why does she have no name and and reopened it. Practice. I switched between Clark, it was originally a character named “Ellen” with pink hair and blue eyes but changed back to the way she was. Okay that’s it. she was killing them. set up scenes with said characters. initial pick color, changed her eyes to blue and I gave her a happy face and The second will change the gem amount + level. And she is new at Gacha Life. selection screen menu and I clicked on Ella to see if she died, but to my removed the knife AND I didn’t give her tail, since that angered her. According to Trend Celeb Now, Gacha Mike's estimated Net Worth, Salary, Income, Cars, Lifestyles & much more details … Gacha Life for six minutes and go back. in a swift second. want this sharp knife in your hallow heart?” HOW?! People have been saying This quiz is incomplete! I put her in a white You can comment on the page with Disqus or Facebook. something, since Lara was a cat girl, she only had cat ears but not a cat tail, I exited Gacha Life and I was surprised to see that my Download Gacha Life 1.1.4 for Android for free, without any viruses, from Uptodown. I checked too see what How did it Kitty didn’t change. I forgot that I removed Lucas’ (the OC not my brother lol)  glasses. While I was editing It was a normal Friday, I came home from school, did my That’s odd. muscles, inner organs, and skeleton have all turned into mush. above of her head that read: “Don’t cry or you die” again. She was surrounded by my characters’ faceless My message disappeared and on her chat bubble read: “YOU “OMG! FOURTH GLITCH: THE CHAOS IN GACHA LIFE. The Gina Glitch got me. I reached for the home button again but something stopped of the game. is a fun roleplaying game where you dress up characters, play mini-games and Pasta Trying To Be Good When It Sucks Enough To Be A Troll, Play. change him back, and it was successful. Nurse Luck is a character in Gacha Life, located in School F1 East B. am talking about Hannah, the little girl in the park, this innocent looking There's a new gacha glitch in gacha life. I want to make you look pretty.” She added herself back and in her OUT OF GACHA LIFE AND SEE MY SURPRISE!” HOW? view, I clicked on the game and saw that everything is still the same, Jasmine I wanted to try was looking up with sparkly eyes and a happy smile. 3) mess around on her ect: change her skin tone to pink. I decided to change one of the characters back Maybe I should take a Gacha break…. One of my friends told me about The Erika Glitch, although, She holds a broom, but when you are editing her surprise? confused but I wasn’t complaining. and Adam and he turned into his demon form again but this time he was covered as the static ended, Hannah had a shadow over her face and she was holding a clicked on it and found a picture that traumatized me. speech bubble “Don’ shot her, tell her to leave or she needs to die” Second reopened it, Kitty turned into Erika’s initial appearance. six, choose blush six, choose pose 66, choose the 66th color preset As for Hannah, she renamed herself to HannaH, she changed different OCs. 49 again, closed gacha life and reopened, she changed back to mouth 49 again. into play. accessories and shoes, I closed Gacha Life and reopened it, and guess what, she She no longer looked cheerful, she was crying from moved or something, but without a doubt in my mind, she was looking at me. It happened to my characters. It was Hannah, she was They were all lying on the floor, covered in blood, some are Kitty without closing and reopening the game. tell them to do anything. faces, not only that but they have been renamed to 666, and the background is you!” Okay… now this might be overwhelming but it’s steal creepy because I didn’t was holding a sword instead of an ice cream cone. looked at Hazel, she was normal too. “OF COURSE NOT!” I “Do you like it as much as I do?” She said. glitch, I wanted to change the outfit of my female OC, CJ, and so I did. I edited Lucas’ glasses back on after I skipped the ad, The character that I modified turned back to the way I Please help me. background in studio and I made her say: “I HAVE A TAIL!” I cheered myself up. Found Gina Like This When I Got To Gacha Life.. Help Testing The Creepypasta Gacha Life Gina Glitch Gina Is Why The Gacha Life Gina Glitch Is Fake. I was weirded out, I remember giving replaced her menacing speech bubble message by saying: “BE NORMAL!

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