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The Famous Na Pali Coast Hike – Kalalau Trail. Something must be broken.”. I had planned to publish this post back in July, but something happened right before I hit publish. The Kalalau Trail is an 11 mile long trail which winds through several valleys, hugging the Pacific ocean along the Na Pali Coast as it goes. Zero were available for every one of the next 14 days. “Huh. You can get a permit to camp at designated spots in Hanakapi`ai. I don’t always travel when I’m on a sabbatical. Many of which will become apparent as you hike through the jungle on your way through the Na Pali coast. Stay aware of falling rocks from overhead, Na Pali's coastline is crumbling and fragile; Pack your trash and protect the environment; You'll be hiking along a cliff, don\t use your phone or camera while walking. The trail head is clearly marked and so is the trail. Hawaiians relied on canoes to access Na Pali's numerous valleys, nearby Ni`ihau and outlying islands. The only other way to access this hidden coastline is by boat. They were increasing the reservation window from 14 days to 90 days! 16 Other Attractions within 5 miles. In making the 22-mile round trip to Kalalau Beach and back, hikers must cross a dozen streams. This ended up being extremely fortunate, because I saw a red announcement on the page: Napali Coast camping permits are currently available 2 weeks in advance. All rivers, including Hanakapi`ai River can be dangerous, particularly during and after heavy rains, where strong currents and flash flooding can occur. Much of Na Pali is inaccessible due to its characteristic sheer cliffs that drop straight down, thousands of feet into the ocean. Beyond the initial two miles of the Na Pali Coast trail, on the road less traveled, hikers are rewarded with jaw-dropping views unlike any available elsewhere on the planet. All that remained was getting the elusive permits. Kee Lagoon, Na Pali Coast. The Nā Pali coast itself extends southwest starting at Keʻe Beach extending all the way to Polihale State Park. The Na Pali Coast Trail. Best nearby. Some people break the hike to Kalalau Beach into two days, opting to stay overnight in Hanakoa Campground at mile 6. The most popular hike on Na Pali is to Hanakapi`ai where you will find a lush river valley. This is how people lose their lives on Kalalau Trail. From there, you immediately start hiking upward, with great views of the beach down below. Since our trip is in September, I hadn’t planned to check back in to the reservation system until the end of August. Instead of the red error message this time, it let me through! Sushi Girl Kauai (266) 4 mi $$ - $$$ Japanese. "The trail bed is narrow and crumbly, and I've talked with many people who have either fallen off the trail or seen it happen." October is when Kauai starts to get an increase in rainfall and trails get really muddy. The water will recede as fast as it flooded. Reddish orange terrain contrasts with lush green grass and, when there isn’t a spectacular blue sky, the canyon takes on a purplish hue in overcast weather. You immediately begin climbing up and old trail, build with paving stones, but somewhat slippery and crumbling. Kauai’s Kalalau Trail is arguably the most famous hike in all of the Hawaiian Islands and is the only land access to the Na Pali Coast. Photo: Aaronbernstein | CC BY-SA 3.0 (used with permission). • Click “Continue” at the bottom of the page. I’ve spent more hours, days, and weeks that I can count reading, watching, researching, and acquiring backpacks, camping gear, water filters, camera mounts, dehydrated food… and I’ve had a BLAST doing it all. Helicopter Tour. Website +1 808-464-0840. Mezmerizing and ominous is the Nā Pali Coast, the northwestern side of Kaua’i where no roads or homes exist. Starting at sea level and making its way up the coast, at times, you're over 1800 feet above the ocean with breathtaking views. Zero available. If you're hiking to Hanakapiai Falls, don't bother removing your shoes when you're crossing the river the first time by the beach. Another lucky break was discovering the Kalalau Trail Facebook Group. The Kalalau Trail is a trail along Nā Pali Coast of the island of Kauai in the state of Hawaii.The trail runs approximately 11 miles (18 km) along the island's north shore from Keʻe Beach to the Kalalau Valley.The trail has been named one of the most beautiful, and dangerous, hikes of the United States. Image via: I initially planned for us to hike to the beach in one day, camp overnight, and return the following day. Kauai Hiking Napali Coast: It is very important to stay updated on the current conditions of the Kalalau Trail and the Napali Coast State Wildnerness Park. Keep in mind, you’ll likely have a backpack weighing something like 30lbs with all of your camping gear, which will keep you at a moderate pace. There is no other way through. The tourist boat departs from Port Allen on the West Side. As soon as the second hand on my Apple Watch struck 5:00:00 AM, I clicked “Continue”. The only way to access it by land is by hiking the Kalalau Trail. What’s not so easy to reach is the marvelous Kalalau Beach. Originally built in the late 1800s, portions of the trail were rebuilt in the 1930s. Photo: Keven Siegert (used with permission). It’s known as the garden island. The people in the group are incredibly helpful, and the search feature will reveal a wealth of information about the trail and how to prepare. The Kalalau Trail provides the only land access to this part of the rugged coast. For me, that’s enough encouragement to keep moving and complete the 11 miles in one day. warning If there’s a holy grail of all hikes in Hawaii, it’s got to be the Kalalau Trail on Kauai. You want to complete this stretch in as dry, and wind-free, conditions as possible. There is no potable water available on the Kalalau Trail, and all river water should be filtered. The surging water can wash you away in seconds. The footing is twice as treacherous after the island's abundant rainfall turns the track into a greasy slip 'n slide–not amusing when you're edging along a 300-foot cliff that spills straight into a rocky surf. COVID-19 UPDATE: CLOSED THROUGH FEBRUARY 28 > LEARN MORE. Hawaiians relied on canoes to access Na Pali's numerous valleys, nearby Ni`ihau and outlying In preparing to publish, I figured I should include a link to obtain a Napali Coast Park camping permit as a convenience for those who may come across this post via search.

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