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5:58. Please note: in light of COVID-19 precautions, all face-to-face courses are suspended until further notice. Why join; Benefits; Eligibility; Rates; About Coronavirus - leadership advice The National Education Union (NEU) welcomes the work of school and college leaders … We bring together more than 5.5 million working people who make up our 48 member unions. You will also be welcome to participate in our four-day Health & Safety Rep training programme when we resume face-to-face training. For details on online learning opportunities please look below. Topics covered include: Copyright © 2019 National Education Union, Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, London WC1H 9BD. If you have never used myNEU before, you will first need to activate your login. For … It was built on the union recruiting new members, increasing rep density and the training that was delivered to set up collective bargaining and negotiating cycles around risk assessment checklists. In the meantime we have a suite of online training for members, reps, activists, and officers. I’ve also served as Vice President of Minnesota Excellence in Public Service Series, which provides leadership training to conservative women so they can fulfill leadership roles … The … As if it has seen the data before. Whatever the scope of your role - from ensuring posters, advice and guidance are displayed on the staff noticeboard, to liaising directly with the head teacher or principal, to representing your work colleagues - we could not function without you. Pre-training gives the network a head start. These classes will take place outdoors, in the functional training area outside the SquashBusters Center. Louise was carrying out her role as a @NEUnion H&S Rep. Trade Union H&S Reps have legal rights to do their job. If the training doesn't fit well with your profile type it can create fatigue, drops in motivation, a higher stress response, and even lead to injuries. Search form. (NLP from the source) - Duration: 5:58. The NEU has a comprehensive support and development programme to build your skills and confidence in Union work. This great-value online course awarded by The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) is designed to enable employers and individuals to create a safe work environment and protect their employees from the risks of prosecution, absence costs, litigation and loss of reputation. For details on online learning … If you have any questions about a training course you've booked, email our Customer Services Team at About our courses. NEU/GMB/Unison/Unite have produced a commentary and checklist guide for primary schools. Together, we can shape the future of education. We will cover the following: Local Health & Safety Officers play a vital role in building union strength and working with members to support healthy & safe workplaces. New Professionals and Young Workers Conference, Work-Related Stress as a Collective Issue, The role and rights of the health & safety rep, Carrying out a Health & safety inspection, identify a collective approach to tackling work-related stress, Understanding the education and trade union landscape, understanding and reviewing the role of the H&S Officer, identifying trade union approaches to H&S. NEU health and safety representatives play a vital role in promoting safety in the workplace by representing members and employees’ interests on health and safety issues. We will be resuming face-to-face training as soon as it is safe and sensible to do so. What is the role of a rep? Join now. NEU:, 07879 480061 . Keep checking back on this page as we develop this offer during the term. Zoom Special Conference, 3 October Following the cancellation of the 2020 NEU Annual Conference, the NEU held a Zoom Special Conference on 3 October. To find out more about the role of a rep, then have a look at our reps pages and resources here. Please note: in light of COVID-19 precautions, all face-to-face courses are suspended until further notice. The focus will be on making workplace stress a collective issue. We can't let an employer get away with this. Best training methods: This type does well on methods that are heavy and have a low-rep feel. Sample Training Program Day 1 Select the item below to take advantage of different training options. Together, we can shape the future of education. We propose to explain the predictions of a deep neural network, by pointing to the set of what we call representer points in the training set, for a given test point prediction. 15h. There will be a break of a week between each session. Topics covered include: As this is Trade Union Training you are entitled to paid time off to participate in the course.You will also be welcome to participate in the NEU’s Reps Foundation and Reps Advanced programme when we resume face-to-face training. Whether in a school, college or elsewhere in the education service, the role of the workplace representative (rep) is a vital one for the National Education Union. This course will give you a thorough grounding in what is entailed in being an effective workplace rep. For the online training to run properly, you alsomust have Flash Player 10 or greater. Neu’s has skilled sales representatives to ensure that you make the right choice, every time. Sparse Modeling Representative Selection (SMRS) Sparse Modeling Representative Selection (SMRS) is an algorithm based on sparse multiple-measurement-vector recovery theory for selecting a subset of data points as the representatives. NERC training, education, and certification-related services support the ERO’s mission through the design, development, and delivery of events and products that support the bulk power system and through the management and oversight of system operator certification and continuing education. There are brilliant and inspiring NEU Rep training courses happening after half term; we are keen for you to attend them. As this is Trade Union Training you are entitled to paid time off to participate in the course. Whether in a school, college or elsewhere in the education service, the role of the workplace representative (rep) is a vital one for the National Education Union. We are constantly expanding our product lines, keeping up with the newest technologies. NEU Health and Safety Month aims to empower members, reps and officers with skills and knowledge to ensure schools and colleges are as safe as they can be, during the pandemic and beyond. This online course is designed to support local (Branch or District) elected Health and Safety Officers/Advisers carry out their role effectively. NLPLife Recommended for you. NEU reps and officers describe how and why they became more active in the union. The Educational Institute of Scotland. Cold Calling 101: 13 Steps to Cold Calls That Work! To login to myNEU, enter your NEU Membership Number and password and click Login. Online Training Modules Links and Approximate Times to Complete Each OnlineTraining Module: History and Overview of the REP Program - … Rhea et al. This course will support you in bargaining effectively to win in the workplace on members’ pay. You will also develop links with other course participants – we actively encourage networking between reps to develop more effective practice. Learning & training ... One union rep said: “I am not well liked and to my face, HR is nice, but in the background, they are trying to find any way to get me out of the company.” Another said: “I am treated with suspicion, side-tracked, and treated as a nuisance.

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