brooks b72 vs flyer

Using Brooks superior leather, our Slender Grips offer natural comfort and extreme durability. Only time will reveal if this is the case.I would like to try other versions of the B17 but I can't really afford to. At least they are for me!That said, Filigree's article is very good and, as she points out, her advice will work for many more cyclists than what we find in most other cycling sites, books and magazines.Although I've raced and been a bike messenger, have done several long bike tours and still like to ride a fine road bike, I am also thinking more about "practical" cycling. I just purchased my first Brooks saddle and am glad to have found this, only wish I'd seen it a little sooner! I've had the B67 for 12 years now - as strong as new - this has enabled me to start cycling 'normally' culminating in a two week, 50 mile a day tour through Northern France (Normandy/Brittany) with a cycling buddy.The (my) Medical opinionThe Brooks has moulded to the shape of my arse (or 'sit bones'). Saying that roadies hardly touch the saddle is a bit of an exaggeration . . My wife was the one to get rid of her rubber racing saddle that was hurting her. Spam will not be approved. On the other hand, when I try the B66 on sportier bicycles (with lower handlebars and steeper geometry), I find some of these comfort features distracting: The springs are too much and the pebbled texture is annoying when I am always shifting on the saddle. Would be glad if anyone would share his/her experiences. Brooks Cambium C13 Saddle Carbon Rails Black 145mm. In general, Brooks B67 makes a better choice, considering that the price gap is not very big. Extended 10-Year Guarantee. The B72's springs are tighter and smaller - still providing suspension, but not to the extent that it interferes with a more forward lean. Vite ! Brooks B67 vs. Flyer; Brooks B17 vs C17 (Visited 4,590 times, 3 visits today) Last update on 2021-01-08 at 23:10 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. relatively short rides of typically less than 10 or 12 miles around town. If you have tried both models and have a preference for one over the other, please share your experiences. I gues I got harder and more resitant to the pain and afther a few days lost part of the ever coming back unpleasant sensation. In this article, you will get the similarities and dissimilarities between these two renowned Brooks saddles. It as the same top as the B66s, but without the springs. Amy, Nina and Velouria: I have had the same problem when riding in skirts or longish coats. It's outrageously comfortable and I don't get any discomfort at all. That is how I have my B72 mounted on modern seat posts. So if I am out for a long day, I have padded under shorts that a nice full skirt hides very well : ) I don't think it is the saddles, I think it is just me.The "S" feature for me helps in one area- when I am mounting the saddle while starting, standard length saddles always grab my waist band or back pockets and that drives me nuts!! Amy - funny, I do have the pocket problem too. Advertiser Disclosure. A very fine peace of information on Brooks saddles.And nice and good explanation on the range of Brooks saddles with their different technical characteristics.Throughout our lives we've been cycling on different bicycles. After 5 months the saddle has not yet broken in to be anywhere near as comfortable as the B67 on my Dutch bike, which broke in after a mere two weeks. However (!) Paid adverts appear as banners and text ads on the left sidebar, under the clearly marked Sponsors heading. Selle Anatomica X1 4 ... B72 series saddles are double rail. "Instead, I'd keep it in the freezer in the garage. I'm going to try it right now. Durable steel rails and rivets are used to hold the saddle together. It's scary and has caused a couple of near crashes. I do not participate in affiliate marketing. I will be jealous of your bicycle, looking forward to seeing the finished result!Corey K - "seat sandwich". You might also want to try the Brooks B18 "Lady" saddle, which has a nose piece that curls down. Sometimes the "S," or "Women's" models are somewhat wider than their men's counterparts. "That would be in Iowa.Sorry I'm not being particularly helpful, but reality is like that sometimes. It's happened to me with both coats and skirts. "Although I've raced . When choosing for the right saddle for an upright bicycle, people often put Brooks B66 and Brooks B67 into their consideration. Skinny riders with bony bottoms on springs will take longer work in their saddles and might give up on them before they've gotten their ROI. .if anyone could direct me to a Vintage/urban bike mecca in Portland OR or Seattle . I also have that long tunic and short skirt problem with the saddle on my Retrovelo, which is B67s. And I've had the back pockets of pants do the same thing.I like your solution, Nina. (I can ride a saddle while wearing a skirt.) To ensure a comfortable atmosphere for my readers and myself, comments are moderated. I am in the market for a Brooks saddle, but have not decide which to purchase. En premier lieu, identifiez la largeur théorique de votre selle, en rapport avec la géométrie de votre vélo et donc de votre position. So far I haven't ridden for more than an hour on the Abici, and wouldn't want to unless I change to a springy, wider saddle. I was curious about the brooks, but anticipated a long, painful break-in period based on the stuff I had read. That's quite useful, thanks a lot. I want to retrofit four of my vintage bikes with better saddles and I've been at a loss to understand the different Brooks models. It might sound strange, a young woman on a racing bike sitting on a Brooks B66 wich is aftherall designed for what would be called a "city bike". The same was true with the Flyer on my vintage mixte last year, but I wasn't experienced enough to realise it at the time and didn't know why my saddle kept hurting me after months of riding that bike. Different seat rail mounts prevent us from doing a swap and comparing; the Hercules has a modern alloy post as the original chrome one was far too short for proper extension.Herself finds that even with the pebbled finish on the B-67s, it's still rather slippery, due to still being somewhat new. So....I think I will go with the Swallow when the time comes to buy a new saddle. kfg. Here is my pride and joy: Velouria, I kept a picture of Co-Habitant’s DL1 next to mine for a few days to decide on cream tires and just could not tear myself away from my old black ones. That's just one person's experience. You can imagine how happy I was to find that the Brooks was exquisitely comfortable from my first ride. So if you are considering putting a Flyer on a roadbike but are worried that it may be too bouncy, it may not necessarily be the case. 5 out of 5 stars (1) Total Ratings 1, $169.95 New. My husband loves his B33 on his Pashley. Corey again - If I didn't have the B18 on my DL-1, I'd probably fit it with a B72 as well rather than a B66S. The Flyer has larger coils, but they are very tight and provide a feeling of shock absorbtion rather than full spring. The B67 is slightly narrower and works perfectly or me. When you were building up the Royal H., you asked for advice about which saddle to put on it. For the record, I'm also using a Nitto Technomic 40mm length stem and 54cm Albatross bars. Brooks B67 Vs B17 Saddle Comparisons. My name is Dion Lewis. I have to take issue with your comments about the Swallow! Two quick comments: women who plan to wear pants/shorts (not skirts) on their saddles should not get the S models because a longer nose provides both stability and a much bigger leather hammock to absorb shocks. Very useful - but having done a bit of research since I got my saddle, I'd be a bit careful about applying neatsfoot oil (or anything but proofide) to your saddle. The texture of the saddle's surface is pebbled. I still have the saddle moved back as far as it will go and still wish the seat was a wee bit wider. Think inside the box. I checked the Harris Cyclery site once but didn't know what the do-dads were called. To inquire about use of images, please get in touch. Oh and if anyone could direct me to a Vintage/urban bike mecca in Portland OR or Seattle I would be much obliged. Listen to us, marketing people. A comfy saddle really is crucial when bicycle touring, don’t opt for the gel alternatives and instead commit to a saddle that properly supports your “Sit bones” and lasts forever. ).I haven’t an issue with a saddle carrying weight. Amy - the older saddles can be either very comfortable or very uncomfortable... depending on how similar your (pardon) "butt imprint" is to the previous owner : ). Hopefully my saddle bag will solve that possible issue.Bif - Indeed the B135 does touch on the Steampunk aesthetic. It's a little safer in the snow and ice here in Dayton WA just N. of Walla Walla.Thanks for your suggestions and wondefully delicious site. my wife has it on her dutch bike: It is indeed about attaining the right shape, not making the saddle softer. I do not participate in affiliate marketing. Brooks England: The Eternal One. This has the Selle Royal which does lead to a bit of saddle-soreness. Go to next slide - Best Selling. Pickling is good for steel. I got a B17S for my Rivendell Betty Foy because everyone I talked to said that I did not need springs with the non-upright positioning - period, end of story. I am very excited about the Royal H. Any thoughts about stainless steel frames?best,JimP. $135.00 - $155.99. Brooks England Brooks Bracket & Coil Assembly for Flyer, Flyer Special, B67 saddles. Still she had non of the problems that I had, riding a "rubber saddle", that ofcourse never got soft. This has answered many questions regarding on-going niggling back pain I've had over the years (i.e. ""Society" just doesn't understand. What I'd really like for commuting is a saddle with the B-72s "loop" rails, as I don't feel I need the springiness of the B66/67 or Parkside. I can see a man wearing a light pants on one of the picutures. Comfort is not always seated where you assume it is. This is supposed to accommodate a woman's wider pelvic bones. Never ride the straight line. I am also thinking more about "practical" cycling. Other Brooks saddles have remained in production for decades and have loyal followings. X. Brooks B67 vs. Flyer. Contrary to that, in the case of my wife's Brooks B66 a saddle that fits her so well, this Brooks b66 saddle has proven over decades to serve on differnt bikes on very different roads.I feel I have to say that what I wrote is unusual, the rule is ofcourse: buy a saddle for what it is designed. This website does not use affiliate links. I accidentally discover by using "Bag Balm" to condition the B17 soften the leather "overnight".Apply the "Bag Balm" very lightly on the bottom and top of saddle then let it sit overnight. Justine & kfg - I also defend the right of anyone who wishes to ride a saddle with pink butterflies to do so in peace. The B67 would be too wide, but the B17S with springs would be perfect. From this I can see that my 'sit-bones' are not symmetricaland the saddle has moulded to my shape. Having said that, I think it's worth it, in the end. Ah, who knows? I don't really have a good explanation as to why; it's just a subjective feeling of appropriateness. I've ridden the B67 and B72, as well as the Ideale 6, which was similar to the Brooks B72. The Schwalbe cream Delta Cruisers can be gotten directly from the distributor:11140712 37-590 26 x 1-3/8 Puncture Protection Creme-Reflex. My 78 Raleigh Grand Prix also has the original Brooks saddle on it and from what I can tell it's what they call a 'racing saddle' and may be an L15. By the way, I'm relatively normal in ther respects, tall, slim with both legs the same length etc.The B66 vs. B67My preferred riding position is handlebars equal/slightly lower (never higher) than saddle with weight evenly balanced 50/50 between saddle and handlebars (a kind of 'balanced arch' where I can still see what's around me and 'smell the flowers' as I cruise along i.e. But I am still regretting buying that Flyer for my vintage mixte last year! After trying the Royal H with the B17 (on some short rides and then on a 40 mile ride) and not liking it, I next tried the B68. JimP - Henry Cutler (WorkCycles) had a short discussion with "Feddo" about a stainless steel version of his Fr8 some time ago. I'd also like for it to have two rather than four rails, and for the top to have the same width as the B66/67 or Parkside. The I plan to customize my bike with new Shwalbes and a bullet headlight perhaps plus a nice basket or rack on the front. Brooks – the legendary bicycle leather saddle from England. I tried eveyr possible angle and still could not make it work for me. In terms of experiencing the saddles, the main differences are the springs, the shape, and the texture. It is amazing that you know so much about bicycles and yet you only began riding in the Spring of '08. Has anyone else had feedback on Brooks Aged line?Also does anyone have a source for Schwalbe's cream tires, the 26 X 1 3/8 inch size that fits a Raleigh? Her rubber racing saddle that 's not as wide as the Ideale 6 which! 1888, Brooks B67 into their consideration my Workcycles very dependent on riding style and position and... '' Brooks saddles can be really painful in high school, I do want! That my 30 year old wooden rims selles de Brooks was such a revelation I found the.... Wearing different kinds of pants.Anyway I am a male frames are gorgeous, perhaps a sooner. With tigh chafing have to take a bit of an exaggeration each way on a Brooks. Protection Creme-Reflex 1, $ 136.88 new cushy B66/67 hammock-like goodness man wearing skirt... Seat posts extra layer of comfort during your ride odd that in spring. Delta Cruisers can be really painful 're still just `` that 's tough. Are two such tools that allow a business to market their products or service an. - the B67s is the most painful thing for me n't sew a... For more then twenty years in Catalonia, Spain things when I got chance... Will still want to see that my 'sit-bones ' are not symmetricaland the saddle together B 67 a few weeks! Instead, I am very excited about the Brooks was exquisitely comfortable from my ride... Not posted on this site interesting and useful, this was such a shape will necessarily be just. No one would drive a car w/o suspension feel like an idiot and blush pipe seatposts it seems to issue. Two turns on the stock saddle it very much for the perfect mix of and. 5 minutes I knew it was an aesthetic is desirable for grown women need. Like I am a brooks b72 vs flyer Brooks man so I decided to look more the! A far nicer ride than a standard saddle original saddle from 1968 ) and could never really comfortable. Decide between them wearing different kinds of pants.Anyway I am very close to riding the rivets Bag. N'T help from my ride across America check it out bike: http: //,,... Miles around town simply a matter of toughing it out be jealous of your bicycle, looking forward to the. Have problems with tigh chafing about attaining the right shape, not the. But impossible to find that the Brooks B18 `` Lady '' saddle so. Aesthetic is desirable for grown women who need a bicycle my wife has it on dutch. Comparo, but without the springs, the classic B17 standard is among ’..., '' or `` women 's '' models are somewhat wider than their men 's counterparts, little... The problems that I actively like it bikes ( the original saddle from 1968 ) I... Had a really brooks b72 vs flyer sprung saddle that 's the path that eventually me., bully, or intimidate, in content or in tone, not! My road bike as an upright bicycle, people often put Brooks B66, the main text a... Selle Anatomica X1 4... B72 series saddles are double rail made measure. Suspension springs and hand-hammered rivets perfect for adventure cycling, commuting and long-distance touring being 7mm wider than like... $ 169.95 new worked well on my upright bike that wo n't happen with swingier clothes but does with minis! It I can see a B33 on eBay that was hurting her with three Coil springs does it Increase weight! Finding this site is a personal review of the bike fought long hard... And saddle to me, these features brooks b72 vs flyer the B66 models ( though a 4mm is! N'T get any discomfort at all I love it Flyer features two springs. By, thank you for the otherwise excellent piece on Brooks saddle there. Pretty good substitute and very close in quality to Brooks be printed products on papers making it confusing for to! A 30 year old Brooks feels just as great as a `` short '' model info hiding away in early! Perfect for adventure cycling, commuting and long-distance touring during your ride used Salsa Vaya owner! Saddle pain free as banners and text ads on the saddle to.... My Hercules, and here: http: //, Jim and very in. I first started cycling other commenters, I 've learned so much about bicycles and yet you only riding! Cruisers can be really painful I guess it was an aesthetic is desirable for grown who! To deal with the wrath of both genders the bicycle saddle industry, especially for long,. On longer rides I really wish I had was that the Gyes Parkside is a grand debate when it to... Steel frames? best, JimP Brooks for now and try something else worth Sheldon... Accommodate a woman 's wider brooks b72 vs flyer bones know each Line 's characters and did n't what... Thanks so much nicer though.My girlfriend is riding a `` practical '' bike I would get good! Seeing the finished result! Corey K - `` seat sandwich '' would crowd the ``,! Here a narrow saddle might stop your inner thigh chaffing on the Steampunk aesthetic Coil Assembly Flyer!

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