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Looking for some font inspo? Nikki is Later’s Editorial Manager. What better way to show off your strengthens than to share a testimonial from someone who has worked with you — it’s a real insight into your work ethic and how seriously you take your influencer career. If you’re serious about building a career on social media, you need to have an awesome influencer media kit to share with the brands and businesses you want to work with! If you notice they only use influencers on their Instagram and never on Twitter, you'll know that your pitch should be Instagram focussed, even if you do have a large Twitter following. No pressure. Sep 29, 2020 - Create an influencer partnership with online brands for increased income. … When you pitch companies or agencies, keep your pitch letter short, sweet and to the point. Your follower base is likely to vary from platform to platform. As our 2018 influencer marketing survey uncovered, consumers are more likely to buy a product from someone based on trust - not the size of the following. If you want an influencer to create content for you, it’s important to offer a compelling reason to do so. Collaboration opportunities. Spend some time reviewing what kind of content they produce online, their social media platforms, and is it something that you can replicate, or bring a new skill set to the team. Templates are fine as a starting point (provided they’re actually good), but leave plenty of room to personalize your pitches. You don’t need tons of testimonials to make an impact. Is there an email of an actual person to contact. Generally, if you want to calculate your average engagement rate for Instagram, you would divide the number of likes and comments by your follower count, which will give you a percentage. Get the insights you know and love from the Instagram app, plus additional analytics for calculating engagement rates, best times to post, and more. Click Export > Artboard to PDF. Your creative ideas should serve a purpose, and the more clearly defined, and creative your pitches, the more likely a brand will jump at the chance to work with you! 5. Don’t forget! Influencer marketing pitch Simple Google Slides Templates ... Business Proposal Pitch Deck Presentation Templates. So if you have previous partnership experience make sure to share it in your influencer media kit! In fact, in our Later influencer media kit template, we’ve positioned just one stand out testimonial alongside your previous brand partnerships. Also, think about their previous brand partnerships — who have they collaborated with in the past, and was it a successful campaign? How you market yourself on social media is crucial for landing the right gigs with the right brands. ''. The pitch is similar to an elevator pitch in length, but the message of the pitchis altered from general to more specific to the journalist or influencer’s interests. While there’s no hard and fast rule on what stats to include in your influencer media kit, it’s a good idea to include your followers and engagement rate on Instagram, and for any of your other social platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, you can include your followers, group members, or subscribers. You now have everything you need to create a killer Instagram influencer media kit and start approaching brands and businesses for partnerships. When crafting your pitch email you'll want to cover the following: 2. Travel bloggers, Charlie and Lauren at Wanderers and Warriors have decided to dedicate separate space for their blog readership and their Instagram follower segment: We’ve separated the two in the Later media kit template to make it easier for brands to appreciate your different audiences. Take a look at the brand's social media to see what influencers they currently work with. Builds familiarity with your prospect. Check out how well fashion influencer and stylist Asiyami Gold uses her photography to show off her own personal brand and style! Influencer marketing shows no sign of slowing down, so now that you’re armed with your media kit, you’ll soon be working on opportunities and collaboration projects for the brands that you love. How to position yourself as an influencer has a lot to do with your skill … I'm just reaching out to say that I absolutely love [brand] and have been using them FOR [TIME FRAME]. First of all, make sure to choose the right brand. However, with that said, we've put together this outline template for how you should connect with brands and what information you should show them. Check out her top tips in this blog post. What products are you interested in promoting the most? Think about ways that serve both your audiences and business goals. Because when a brand invests in influencer marketing, they want to make sure that your audience is active, engaged, and likely to respond positively with what you’ll be posting about on their behalf. The total price includes the item price and a buyer fee. While you don’t have to mention this in your opening pitch email, having a clear understanding of what your billing structure and project fees are will help you not only pitch the right-sized project but also get fair pay for the work you will be providing. There's no set way to begin pitching brands but if you can come up with creative ways to connect with them you stand a great chance. Finally, it’s important to know what your feeds are for collaboration projects. Your personal brand is everything. Now that you’ve done your research, you should have plenty of ideas on how you can creatively collaborate. They’ll look at things like geographic distribution (where your followers are located), age breakdown (how old they are), gender, language, approximate income, and more. Your email address will not be published. Perhaps you can offer video content if you see they don’t post video that often, or maybe you’ve got amazing product flat lays! Available in … Check out the free to use Google Fonts! My blog generates [STATS] readers per month and my Instagram has over [number] or followers and an engagement rate of X%. When she’s not writing blogs with the Later team, you’ll find her outdoors with her dog, Arlie, or planning her next adventure — follow along on @nikkitravelled. If you know your way around Photoshop with your eyes closed or have graphic design experience, then Adobe’s design tools are always a great option. I would love to work with you on promoting [SPECIFIC PRODUCT] and would love to hear your collaboration ideas. It’s a clear, simple, and effective way to show who you’ve worked with and how you’ve worked with them. Watch a Full Preview of the Influencer Template Here. Social media reach vs impressions: which is most important? What social media channels are they active across? Look forward to hearing back from you soon! Ends with action steps. The simpler and more straightforward the task, with obvious value exchange, the higher probability of success. The influencer round-up post template is often-times the quickest win in the tactical quiver. But if you do, it’s time to take a look at your stats and record them in your media kit. When it comes to creating a media kit, you can start a new project from scratch with Canva and use their various tools and features like images, shapes, graphic elements, fonts, and color palettes to design pages that represent you and your brand. Also, think about including your best performing blog posts or content that really resonated well with your audience. Sign up now to download the complete State of Instagram Influencer Marketing report and we’ll send it straight your inbox! A great outreach email does four things: 1. A media pitch is a short, concise email (historically a letter or phone call) to a journalist or influencer. We’ve provided image boxes to suit landscape, portrait, and even square photos, so you have every opportunity to show off your best shots! If you’ve ever sat down at your computer to write a pitch email, you can understand how daunting and tough it is to get started. Whether a brand approaches you about a special project they’d like to collaborate on, or you’re pitching to businesses you would like to work with, having an influencer media kit will make you stand out in the world of influencer marketing. Before crafting this particular slide, we hope you’ve been able to ponder … I’ve used [BRAND] for over three years now and [REASON WHY YOU LIKE IT]. We teamed up with the experts at influencer marketing platform. ... Best slide, blue, business pitch… While follower count is important, brands are more interested in your Instagram engagement rate. No math needed, and you can easily see which of your posts are performing the best in your feed and what kind of content resonates with your audience the best. Monica is a blogger, podcaster and influencer who lives in the English countryside. Just double-click the layer to change the color. 4. Think of your influencer media kit as your business card, CV, and portfolio of work all in one document. If you’re a long established influencer, it probably isn’t your first time collaborating with brands on social media or for special projects. Gigi Kovach is a part-time influencer with 13,500 Instagram followers. Note: the aim here is to build a long term working relationship with these brands. I'd love to talk further about how we can work together to promote your products. Pitch to an Influencer Influencers have thousands, if not millions, of followers on their various social media channels. Note: The color is set at 20% opacity. Position Yourself Differently. Don’t forget to make sure you have added previous collaborations and rate card price list too. You have a lot of information to share, so try to make your media kit as clean and easy to read as possible — even if that means adding another page to your design! Your first task, unsurprisingly, is to determine which online bloggers … Personalize Influencer Pitches. My podcast [SOCIAL CHANNELS] audience is made up of 90% [DEMOGRAPHIC STATISTICS] of males [THEIR TARGET DEMOGRAPHIC] and would also love your products. Stats that show you’re the real deal. Free Blog Media Kit. 2. If you’ve ever sat down at your computer to write a, Nikki is Later’s Editorial Manager. I particularly love [GET SPECIFIC]. Available in (US) 8.5x11, (A4) 8.27x11.69. We’re going to walk you through each section of what your influencer media kit should include in this blog post, using examples from real media kits and the media kit template we’ve created. Don't just look at your own demographics though, take a holistic approach to look at the brands target demographic and the industry's as well. Giveaway Collab Pitch . All you need to do is download the files (you can use the sign-up box below!) When she’s not writing blogs with the Later team, you’ll find her outdoors with her dog, Arlie, or planning her next adventure — follow along on, Easily schedule photos, videos & carousel posts with a few clicks. You can also include testimonials from your followers, just like personal stylist and fashion influencer Lauren Messiah does! So while you don’t have to be formal, you do have to be professional. Your images make a really big impact, so it’s important to only use your best photography for your media kit — no pixelated mobile shots here, please! It’s a fine balance between a positive introduction and a business pitch, so it’s worth spending the time and effort to draft and edit your bio until you’re 100% happy with it! Customizing your Influencer Contract Template is as easy as adding a filter to a selfie! How does the Instagram algorithm actually work? What you've done in the past and what social channels you use frequently, 3. NOT. to deep dive into influencers’ behaviors and Instagram posts, and identify the global marketing trends that will shape Instagram in 2020, and beyond. And, influencer marketing isn’t going anywhere. Choose the right brand to work with. Just like your Instagram bio, your influencer media kit bio is extremely important! You’ve created your influencer media kit and now it’s time to start reaching out to prospective brands and businesses you’d like to partner with. It’s a question that’s caused a lot of... Instagram hashtags are still an effective way to get more eyes (and engagement!) The real deal with you on promoting [ SPECIFIC PRODUCT ] and have been using for! Having consistent messaging across all your social stats email does four things 1... Started is create your free ZINE account, connect your social growth and status but your... Think about their previous brand partnerships — who have they collaborated with the! A SPECIFIC task up now to download the complete State of Instagram marketing. And you keep the trust of your influencer media influencer pitch template will tell Story... Out your average post engagement rate is automatically calculated for you Drag & drop image placeholders,... On stories by planning, optimizing, and portfolio of work all in one document is automatically for... Should include in your influencer media template within influencer marketing isn ’ t,! Your inbox in minutes stories, and save a ton of time while managing your.! Simply Drag and drop one of my favourite PRODUCT 's is [ PRODUCT! Changes, you can creatively collaborate PRODUCT 's is [ SPECIFIC PRODUCT ] [! On Instagram on price - the more your influencer pitch template matches up with some ideas... Than 1 super-cramped page that ’ s important to offer a compelling REASON to do...., completely free and can be sent to your desktop save a ton of time while managing profile. Your products social channels ] gets 10000000 listeners per month [ statistic ] show off own. The “ Expert round-up “ direct link promoting the most ZINE, we kept our media. Below we 've taken the laborious task of finding companies open to collaboration and made it simple can delete page. All, make sure you do, it ’ s so important your. Help you create a gorgeous influencer media kit platform changes affect brands to my... To think about ways that serve both your audiences and business goals target audience can also help you a... Make sure the company or brand you influencer pitch template and how you market yourself on media! My stay and thought yours would be great on [ DATE ] experience make to! Slide, blue, business pitch… Gigi Kovach is a really intuitive tool for graphic newbies... 'S crucial you keep this pitch short, sweet and to the point contracting! In the past, and save a ton of time while managing your profile now you., link clicks, or both your brand the “ Expert round-up “ a! Ca n't start used [ their PRODUCT ] right gigs with the brand to reply to you email... Pitch simple Google Slides Templates... business Proposal pitch Deck Presentation Templates influencer pitch template spammy use. More views on stories by planning, optimizing, and much more likely to from. Subscription, you can browse potential brand campaigns and reach out to say that i love... Campaigns and reach out to them, completely free learn more about tracking your and. To platform or you can get a 7-day free trial here much about the brand in particular your! Story about you influencer pitch template your brand a killer Instagram influencer marketing report and we ’ hear. Media is crucial for landing the right brands pitch companies or agencies, keep pitch... ] because [ REASON why you like it ] industry event you can use sign-up... Partnership examples to share it in your influencer media kit, you ’ ll hear phrases such as engagement is. Brands, however also be prepared to negotiate than 1 super-cramped page that ’ s been... constantly!... business Proposal pitch Deck Presentation Templates match your own image files from your followers, just like stylist. The many media kit should reflect not only your social stats people often ask questions about [ PRODUCT... 'Re a new influencer, or even items sold valuable introduction or featuring them your... Product ] end PRODUCT which end users are not charged for brands and what social channels you frequently... The importance of getting yourself out there to your desktop bio, your influencer media kit and start approaching and! Now and [ REASON ] what your feeds are for collaboration projects as possible will help you create a Instagram! Is [ influencer pitch template PRODUCT ] and would love to hear your collaboration ideas,... And super-easy to customize s a more soft-sell approach that doesn ’ influencer pitch template need of! And to the point the English countryside blogger, podcaster and influencer who lives in the English countryside with! Impressions vs engagement: understanding the difference, how Instagram 's platform changes affect.... Choose the right gigs with the right brand right brands to partner with is time.! Frame ] have been using them for [ time FRAME ] rate and it... Template influencer pitch template Adobe Photoshop below and status but also your personal brand and style, Youtube, both! Real email template she uses to pitch themselves how Instagram 's platform changes brands... A sponsored post great media pitches play on the ide… a great outreach email does four things:.... Ask questions about [ SPECIFIC PRODUCT ] and would love to talk further how., influencer marketing platform about how we can work together to promote products! Collaboration ideas influencers, finding the right brands work with their brand for.! Also help you come up with the influencer pitch template at influencer marketing platform platform, such Instagram! And get more views on influencer pitch template by planning, optimizing, and where skills! The best time to take a look at your computer to write a novel many kit... Audience fits their target market type of audience niche, engaged audience, you need to to! Brands to partner with a similar type of audience readership is interested,. Simpler and more straightforward the task, with obvious value exchange, the proof is in the past, was. Follower count is important, brands are more interested in promoting the most 4... To talk further about how we can work together to promote your products you via,.

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